The new Chrome button will save you from notifications that come to you non-stop and you don’t know why

the new chrome button will save you from notifications that.webp.webp.webp
the new chrome button will save you from notifications that.webp.webp.webp

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Of course, you can unsubscribe from website notifications in Chrome for Android at any time, but the settings are a little more hidden than you’d like. If all goes well, that will change soon because Chrome will add an unsubscribe button directly to each notificationand you can now try it in the Canary version of the browser.

Unsubscribe in notification

Yeah you accidentally turned on notifications for a website and since then they have been coming to you non-stop, you can delete them from the section Settings – Notifications of the browser settings or in Site Settings – Notifications, but this involves navigating the browser settings and not everyone knows how or dares to do it.

In the notification itself you have a button that serves as a direct access to the settings of that site (and where you can disable notifications), but it still requires a few extra steps. It is much clearer the new button that Google is testing: unsubscribe, directly in each notification.


By pressing this button, The subsequent notifications will be blocked from that moment on. from that website, although you have a few seconds to regret it and undo the changes, in case you hit the unsubscribe button by mistake.

This button It is in testing for now in Chrome Canary and you need to activate the Chrome Flag chrome://flags#notification-one-tap-unsubscribe in order to show up.

If the tests go well, we could see this button reach the Dev, Beta versions and finally the stable and activated version. However, it will still be at least weeks before this happens. In the meantime, you’ll need to follow the usual route of diving into the settings to turn off notifications.

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