WhatsApp Web is working on a new function to protect your conversations

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WhatsApp Web protect conversations

WhatsApp continues to increase the security of its users by imposing more measures for its computer platform. This has been stated in a new statement with the intention of implementing a function that is currently in development and that allows you to block conversations. This measure will sound familiar to you, as it has already been introduced in its native mobile application, but if you don’t know what it is, we will tell you all the details below.

WhatsApp chats on your computer will be more protected than ever with a new addition to its web version, which is already being enjoyed in the smartphone application. With this system, the messaging company intends to transfer one of the features most requested by users with the aim of having greater privacy if someone decides to snoop on our PC, in such a way that we can block those conversations that we do not want to come to light. . To do this, if you are one of those who use WhatsApp Web, you should know that it will be launched Chat Lockthe same mechanism used for mobile phones.

Chat Lock for WhatsApp Web

The chat blocking system, called Chat Lock, was included in an update for the mobile version of WhatsApp last year with the aim of continuing to improve the privacy and security of its users. This is a function that creates a chat folder that we want to hide and those conversations only can be viewed through a passwordor through biometric credentials (fingerprint, Face ID, etc.).

Before this update, the tool could only be blocked when we wanted to access it by clicking on the WhatsApp icon, since there was no other way to prevent someone from entering our most intimate conversations with the possibility of establishing a PIN in each one. of them.

In this case, a new interface has been designed for WhatsApp Web that consists of the incorporation of a new tab with the padlock symbol, which will be located under the Communities section. Although it is still a prototype, as it is currently under development, it is likely that blocking chats works through code and this action will cause synchronize on our mobile platform and vice versain such a way that a much more secure messaging experience will be reinforced between all devices.

WhatsApp Web protect conversations

A future full of news for WhatsApp Web

The messaging application par excellence does not forget its web client and several new features have already been announced to make its aesthetics more striking and attractive, which will arrive in future updates, such as a better navigation through a more modern interface or the addition of a range of colors combining its dark mode to reduce visual fatigue.

With all this, WhatsApp wants users who use the web version to feel just as comfortable as if they used it in the mobile version, and for the level of satisfaction to be similar thanks to the inclusion of all these functions, which little by little They are taking shape after going through their beta phase.