ChatGPT on iPhone: you can now use Siri and configure shortcuts to talk with the AI

chatgpt on iphone you can now use siri and configure.jpg
chatgpt on iphone you can now use siri and configure.jpg

The iOS version of ChatGPT welcomes a new, heartfelt update. This greatly improves the application of AI in the Apple ecosystem, by adding support for Siri as well as Shortcuts dear to iPhone users. Those on iPad will also be delighted to see the application now displayed in full screen.

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It’s only been a few days since ChatGPT made its big debut on iOS, and the app is already getting a major update. Indeed, if it was already pleasant to have access to artificial intelligence directly from the home screen of your smartphone, it must be recognized that until now, the application was, precisely, only an iPhone version of what already existed in a web version.

However, this latest update comes precisely to change that, by adding exclusive features to Google’s operating system. The first of these is as obvious as it is essential: ChatGPT is finally compatible with Siri. In other words, you can now ask your question to the chatbot directly via a voice command, without even having to touch your iPhone. Convenient.

ChatGPT adds support for Siri and Shortcuts on iPhone

Then, OpenAI had the very good idea of ​​adding support for Shortcuts to its application. As a reminder, Shortcuts are automated actions that you can configure as you wish on your iPhone. In other words, thanks to this update, you can now configure a ChatGPT command that you can launch directly with the press of a button.

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Even more interesting, it is also possible to link this command with another application, in order to save even more time. You can choose to automatically save ChatGPT’s response in your notes, or even send it to a loved one, to name but a few examples. Besides, the application also allows to drag and drop a response, if you prefer this option to Shortcuts.

Finally, ChatGPT is now displayed in full screen on iPad, where it was necessary to be satisfied with an iPhone display until now. So many new features in this update, which are enough to make Android users impatient to see the application land on their smartphone.

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