The iPhone can keep an eye out for us cats and dogs in the house


From WWDC 2023 still ongoing in Cupertino, ideas to improve the apps of the future arrive, addressed to developers. One is quite interesting, the possibility of use the iPhone as a motorized camera to keep an eye on pets when they are left alone in the house. To make it possible is theBees Animal Body Pose included in the Vision framework with the new versions of the operating systems presented at WWDC at the beginning of the week.

Animal Body Pose is trained to recognize cats and dogs in photos and videos thanks to 25 landmarks ranging from tail to ears. Apps that want to take advantage of it will benefit from a system that uses “education” on landmarks for circumscribe the body of the animal and within it identify groups, for example the “head” group which includes ears, eyes and nose.

The groups identified by iPhone (yes, a chihuahua stuffed animal was used for the demonstration)

The new API not only manages to distinguish the different parts of the dog or cat’s body, but by putting them together it can reconstruct a body pattern also recognizing the most common poses of the animal, whether it is squatting, stretching or running. Basically, the apps that will take advantage of Animal Body Pose will locate the animal within the frame to get information on the type of animal, therefore whether it is a dog or a cat, and based on the pose what it is doing in that moment.

iPhone can already recognize cats and dogs, but the work promised by Animal Body Pose is more accurate and complete

“This gives you the opportunity to develop interesting applications for animals,” Nadia Zouba of Apple’s Vision team tells developers, such a vending machine can dispense a portion of kibble at the time when theattitude of the animal suggested appetite. Or you can trace the movement of the dog or cat with the camera through a motorized iPhone holder, which receives input from Animal Body Pose on how and where to orient the iPhone to follow the movement of the animal.

Apple therefore puts a powerful tool like Animal Body Pose into the hands of developers, we’ll see what practical applications will come out: the possibilities are not lacking.

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