BMAX B3, an affordable Mini PC for the office and home

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bmax b3.jpg

He BMAX B3 is one of those economical and effective solutions that go well in everything office or home. A little Mini PC of character productive; that will solve the obligations of teleworker in the home office; but also great to provide, for example, the school classrooms with computers that are as affordable as they are current. The manufacturer of a laptop as interesting as the BMAX X14 Pro, redoubles its efforts to win the favor of the general public when we all look at the penny for every expense to be made. So get ready to know what this economical Mini PC is capable of offering to boost your daily obligations.

BMAX B3 design

The brand BMAX It has a wide catalog of digital products, among which it has an extensive range of mini computers. Among the base range references is the new MaxMini B3 that concerns us. A device renewed very recently, and in which the manufacturer has put its efforts into presenting a model that harmonizes functionality and design. Obviously it is a small device, since the priority is to adapt to a wide spectrum of uses and spaces. It could be the solution for a company officethe Study room at home, the meeting room of the office or the schoolwave home entertainment area and from any location.


The BMAX B3 is a stylish and super compact device

The device boasts a aspect premiumelegant and exquisitely made. Have the silver chassis, with fine finishes that give the product the presence of a handmade piece. The rectangular format with rounded edges of the B3 and dimensions of 12.5 x 11.2 x 4.4cm, they allow you to arrange it in minimal spaces and all types of layout, such as a subject on the back of a monitor. In addition, it is extremely light since its weight is only 290 grams.

Technical details of the BMAX B3

with a processor Intel® of the family Celeron of the 11th generation, this little machine gives you reliable performance. The performance of your CPU It is a guarantee of smooth performance for productive tasks and simple leisure. He B3 has assembled a N5095 with quad coreand 4MB of cache, capable of reaching the 2.9GHz. Being a modest cutting processor you must be clear about the demands it can face. Theirs are mainly office programscontent playback multimediaand navigation by Internet. The great advantage it has over other solutions is its very low energy consumption.

Intel Celeron N5095 Processor

An efficient Intel Celeron N5095 processor is the heart of this Mini PC

Being a Mini PC affordable range for productive tasks, you will understand the absence of a separate graphics card in your system. Thus, the computer depends on the GPU integrated that the processor has to manage the entire visual section. These are the well-known graphics Intel UHDwhose more than respectable performance is compatible with content in 4K. The configuration has 16 GB memory DDR4a great relief that allows the computer to run all applications with ease.


DDR4 memory and SSD storage

The storage section is superbly resolved by BMAX. The team has a fast unit M.2 SSD of 512GBwhere you find the pre-installation of the operating system Windows 11. In this way, you save the tedious task of installing the software from scratch, enjoying the benefits of the product within minutes of leaving its packaging. Note that the design of the Mini PC It is prepared to easily accommodate a 2.5″ hard drive.

Connection and communications features

Like many other mini computers on the market, the manufacturer provides the equipment without peripherals. It is therefore important that the product has enough options to attach the accessories essential for operating the system. The truth is that you will not have complaints about it, because BMAX takes advantage of almost all the sides of the B3 to integrate utility connectors. The assortment meets quantity and variety. This way you have access to the front part of the PC a couple of ports USB 3.0 and the practical Jack 3.5mm; while a card reader along with another pair of USB 3.0 They are located on the right side. Finally, the network connector and the video outputs, pair of HDMIyou can find them on the back of the MAXMINI.


Good connective possibilities

One of the pleasant surprises of the product is its wireless connectivity. Indeed, this mini PC has, in addition to a controller Gigabit LANwith technology Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2.

BMAX B3 technical specifications

Below we leave you a summary table with all the technical details and extras of the BMAX B3:

MaxMini B3 (2022)
Format Mini PC
Dimensions 125 x 112 x 44mm
Weight 290g
Materials and color Aluminum / Silver
CPU Intel® Celeron™ N5095 (2 GHz up to 2.9 GHz / 4 cores / 4 MB Cache)
GPU UHD Intel®
Ability M.2 SSD 512GB
SD slot micro SD
Optical unit No
Keyboard and touchpad
Spanish keyboard No
Backlight keyboard No
Mouse No
OS version Windows 11
Entrance 12 V DC / 2 A
Connection ports
  • RJ45/Ethernet
  • HDMI x 2
Front of
  • Headphone/microphone combo
  • USB 3.0 x 2
Right side USB 3.0 x 2
Wifi Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
LAN Gigabit
Bluetooth 4.2

Conclusions, availability and price of the BMAX B3


A small device with many possibilities

He BMAX B3 It’s a good choice if you want save money and space in your office productive. By investing very little you get a device ready to work or even to incorporate as a leisure center in the living room at home. Furthermore, it is one of the Mini PC most compact you can find and allows for an upgrade easy in case you plan to improve it at some point. Good connectivity, which includes wireless systemand the pre-installation of the OS They are unbeatable extras for such an affordable product. In short, a fantastically configured tool, with very good balance, capable of satisfying your office and home leisure demands.

  • Affordable.
  • Compact and elegant design.
  • Fast storage.
  • Good connectivity.
  • Includes Windows.

  • Basic processor.

Total score

CPU performance

GPU performance


Power supply

Design and construction

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