Artificial Intelligence, protagonist in future job interviews

entrevista con robot.jpg
entrevista con robot.jpg

The world of work is experiencing a transformation without precedents. He 43% of companies intend to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in their hiring processes by the year 2024, replacing traditional interviews with AI-led interviews.

Chatbots in job search

The chatbotsuch as ChatGPT, are making the task of writing content easier. cover letters and resumes to job applicants. This smart tool generates high-quality texts in a matter of seconds from simple commands. According to a study, 46% of job seekers already use ChatGPT to draft their documents, and of these, 78% have seen an increase in responses from employers and interview invitations.

Responsiveness of corporate recruiters

Far from being considered a problem, the corporate recruiters they are adjusting to this new reality, according to Stacie Haller, Resume Builder’s Senior Career Advisor. In fact, many can already tell when a document has been generated by ChatGPT, and see it no different than using a template or a professional writing service.

AI Interview Challenges

But not everything are advantages. Experts forecast that by 2024, up to 40% of corporate recruiters will use AI to conduct interviews, and 15% will rely solely on AI for all hiring decisions. The AI assisted interviewswhether by text or video, can feel cold and impersonal, posing a challenge for candidates accustomed to reading facial and emotional cues.

Recommendations for Job Seekers

Despite the obstacles, experts recommend treating the AI bot as if it were a human during the interview. It is vital to prepare well and practice for this new style of interview.

The advent of AI in the recruitment process is a reality and poses both challenges and opportunities. While it can be a depersonalized process, AI can help identify the best talent based on metrics and data, removing human bias and offering fairer opportunities for all.

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