About time: Instagram will finally allow users to download the Reels

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Instagram has finally taken the plunge and is going to allow users to download Reels posted by others so they can share them outside of the app. In this way, you want to compete face to face with TikTok, which has offered this function for a long time. On Tuesday, the head of the company, Adam Mosseri, announced on his Instagram broadcast channel that users in the United States will be able to download the Reels in their photo gallery – for now only in that region is where the function is activated, but it is to be hoped that little by little it will reach other regions. To download, the process is as simple as using the share icon and then selecting the Download option. Mosseri further noted that only Reels from public accounts are eligible to download (the option to disable the feature will be provided if desired). A good decision with things to know Although the Instagram manager did not specify whether there will be a watermark on the downloaded video, the image posted by him indicates that the downloaded video will display an Instagram logo along with the account name. . TikTok uses a similar format, by the way. Importantly, Instagram has always allowed users to download their own unwatermarked Reels from drafts. In 2021, Instagram stopped promoting content with a TikTok watermark and, since last August, YouTube began to include one, it did the same to not give visibility to what was previously published in other places. Therefore, this decision by Instagram, which will allow users to download Reels, could be a tactic to attract more people to see more content on the platform. The fact that Instagram is rolling out the Reels download feature demonstrates its interest in staying competitive in the short video market and taking advantage of the growing user interest in this type of content. By allowing these creations to be shared off the platform, Instagram seeks to broaden its reach so that creators can better monetize their content. Reels, Instagram’s big bet In recent times, Reels have been the focus point to drive growth and revenue for Meta. During the Q1 2023 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that the time users spent on Instagram increased by 24% thanks to AI-powered Reels recommendations. Instagram’s decision will not only strengthen the platform’s presence in the short video market, but will also encourage user interaction and engagement with the platform. >

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