5 tools to detect that AI has been used

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5 tools to detect that ai has been used.png

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Have you ever noticed someone using ChatGPT or other artificial intelligence and want to make sure? We are going to summarize the resources that are needed to detect if this type of technology has been used in the field of writing. To do this, we have found the best applications that locate if the essay was written by ChatGPT or a human being In a blink of an eye.

Nowadays the use of artificial intelligence is increasingly frequent and we are curious to know what the result of this technology is when used in a specific field. However, this technique is evolving by leaps and bounds and is already It is more difficult to differentiate if the work has been done by a machine and a human. In fact, in some fields such as marketing, it is very common for AI to be taken into account to help improve and polish articles that have lower quality content.

In areas, such as schools, the use of this type of technology is also common for the preparation of academic works or writing articles. Therefore, if you are the boss of a company or you dedicate yourself to teaching, it is possible that you have had a case in which an employee or student makes a copy of all the information that ChatGPT offers you when consulting it. Therefore, we must have certain limits when accessing smart platforms, especially when we work for a newspaper or online media. In order to detect this type of practices, we recommend that you put these into practice. 5 ChatGPT handwriting verification tools.


GPTZero is a good option to detect artificial intelligence in any type of text. To try it for free, no need to log in, and scans up to 5000 characters from each piece of text. If you want to log in, it can offer you up to 10,000 words, although on a limited basis each month. Its use is simple, copy and paste the text you want to detect. But there is also the possibility of scanning documents where you can upload a file without needing to paste it. In the free plan you can upload up to 3 documents at a time.

Otherwise, if you want to sign up through a subscription, you have more features in your favor for about 10 euros per month and it allows you to scan up to 150,000 words a month and an upload of 10 files instead of the 3 favored by the free account. In the scores, you get a notable percentage detection in ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4 versions.

gptzero detect ai

Sapling AI Detector

This tool was designed to check if a text has been written by ChatGPT. On this occasion we also find a free version and a paid version. On the one hand, Sapling AI Detector allows you to scan up to 5,000 words on 20 occasions. On the other hand, you can get a premium account for about 25 euros per month that makes it easier for you to scan 8000 characters simultaneously without file limits.

Among other functions, this platform comes with a extension for Google Chrome with the aim of detecting artificial intelligence in a more comfortable way, but you will also be able to scan Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook documents, so you will not even need to enter the main website and work from there.

Regarding the results, Sapling AI Detector has been crowned as one of the most reliable options to make sure that AI is being used in the texts, with almost perfect scores.

ai main web detector detect ai


In Winston you must register if you want to scan the writing or upload a file to appreciate the presence of artificial intelligence in the text. On this occasion, we only have access to the scan of 2,000 characters. Once that trial ends, the program redirects you to paying for a membership of 12 euros with scans of up to 80,000 words, OCR (optical character recognition) scanning option for images that contain text and the possession of a generated PDF file. Here, the consequences of the scans are mostly positive, virtually no margin of error to distinguish an AI.

winston ai homepage


ZeroGPT (not to be confused with GPTZero) is another tool that detects artificial intelligence in writing. It is very simple to use and has very generous free access with the opportunity to experience scanning up to 15,000 characters and 5 files at a time. We also have a version that includes premium services with two options to choose from. On the one hand, you can pay around 8 euros per month if you only need 50,000 words to scan monthly. On the contrary, you have a fee of 10 euros up to 100,000 words per scan and you can upload 50 files simultaneously.

In terms of results, ZeroGPT is also a very good alternative, since Its precision is outstanding. at the time of detecting ChatGPT in the newsrooms.

zerogpt detector ai write


Last but not least, Copyleaks is a free registration portal where you can find out if the use of AI has been used in any type of content generated in the versions of ChatGPT, GPT3, Human or AI & Human. It also integrates an extension for Google Chrome that you can add to review content made by a machine. On the other hand, it also offers the function of plagiarism detectionsuch as schoolwork or other types of writing that allude to dispensing with manual writing.

Copyleaks home page detect AI

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