‘There is no functional impact’: this is Google’s explanation for the defects on the screen of some Pixel 8 Pro

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1700900589 840 560.jpeg

Google responds to complaints from some people who have detected ripples, lumps and bumps on the Pixel 8 Pro panel


Over the last few days, several media outlets have echoed the complaints of some people who own the Google Pixel 8 Pro regarding your screen. Apparently, there are those who have noticed ripples and circular protuberances in various places inside the screen, which would predictably appear as a result of the pressure generated by the components that are located under this thin 6.7-inch OLED panel. A Google spokesperson responded with an explanation..

There is a ripple or bump on my Google Pixel 8 Pro

What you see above these lines are precisely those defects on the screen of the current Google flagship. According to some affected people on the Google support forum these protuberances or undulations would only have an aesthetic effect that It does not affect the operation of the mobile phone or even the screen itself leaving the touch functionality and image quality unchanged.

If we pay attention to the video, we will see that these are defects so small that they are barely visible unless you look for the right angle with good lighting. But although today they are almost imperceptible and innocuous, the concern is in the medium-long term, that is, in themselves. Over time, these undulations and bumps will worsen. until it damages the screen.

Between the initial hypotheses about these imperfections Options were considered such as the surface on which the panel rests being irregular, something that can in fact be verified by taking a look at videos where the Google Pixel 8 Pro is dismantled, however a defect in the manufacturing process was not ruled out either.

When we tested the Google Pixel 8 Pro for our review, not only did we not find these imperfections in the terminal, but we highlighted the screen of this phone as superlative, ‘probably the best on the market currently‘.

Google’s explanation

Upon discovering these problems on the screen, some have contacted Google to request a replacement and others are asking for an extended warranty in case the problem worsens. What does Google think of this incident? a spokesperson for Google has confirmed that the problem exists to 9to5Googlegiving the following explanation on the subject:

Pixel 8 phones have a new screen. When the screen is off, unused, and under specific lighting conditions, some users may see prints from other components on the device that look like small bumps. There is no functional impact on performance or durability of the Google Pixel 8.

That Google itself recognizes that there is no functional impact is good news, although it is still shocking to find irregularities on the phone panel, even if it is under certain conditions. However, it is worth remembering that the warranty in Europe for any mobile (purchased in the territory) It is three years by law.

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