5 Important Tips for Nintendo Switch Owners: You Should Never Do This

5 important tips for nintendo switch owners you should never do this
5 important tips for nintendo switch owners you should never do this

If you want to have fun with the Nintendo Switch for a long time and particularly effectively , you should avoid the following things. They help to get even more out of the handheld console.

Nintendo Switch: How to do it right

Among the mobile devices, the Nintendo Switch is by far the most popular example. It offers various advantages and has not enjoyed great popularity for years without good reason. Nintendo’s switch is therefore often the subject of discounts and promotions on the upcoming Black Friday.

Not everything should be done carelessly when dealing with the console. At least in terms of battery, SD card and transport, a few tips will help.

Don’t charge the battery incorrectly

Two years ago, Nintendo warned its users of a major charging problem. If you charge the switch too seldom , you will damage the device in the long term. The battery may then no longer be able to be supplied with electricity.

Don’t forget to upgrade storage

If you play a variety of games on a regular basis, consider expanding the memory of the Nintendo Switch with a microSD card . The Switch Lite model, for example, only has 26 GB available for gaming with a total storage of 32 gigabits (GB). The additional media are ideal for filling your library with even more games.

Don’t go without a sturdy bag

As sturdy as the console is, it’s not indestructible. Especially if you travel a lot with it, protect it with an additional case. It helps against scratches on the display, but also against damage to the controllers. In most cases you can pack a lot of your games.

Note : Are you looking for new games? These are the latest Nintendo Switch games for November .

Find deals on Switch games

If you visit the eShop regularly, you will notice that discounts on digital and especially newer, Nintendo-owned games are rather rare. It is therefore worth looking elsewhere for corresponding discounts.

On the upcoming Black Friday, for example, Nintendo games (physical version) are sometimes much cheaper. If such an event is not pending, you can often search for such deals on Amazon. Especially if you haven’t expanded your storage space, this can be a way to still collect many of the games.

Think about the touchscreen

As banal as it sounds, sometimes you forget that the console can also be operated via the touchscreen. This feature comes in handy when you need to type things or when you’re looking for something in the Nintendo Store.


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