YouTube Music changes design and adds stream button in its miniplayer

YouTube Music tests new layout with permanent miniplayer and dissatisfies users
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O YouTubeMusic is implementing some design changes in the mini version of its player. It is worth remembering that the platform has been changing its look little by little and an example of this was the home page that had its appearance renewed a few days ago. The change was previously shown in the testing phase and even displeasing users, it is being officially added.

This time, several elements remained unchanged in the service’s miniplayer, as in the case of cover art, song name and artist, which remain on the left side. The main change, therefore, takes place on the other side of the music streaming app’s player.

In this case, the button to play/pause the tracks is still there, but it was positioned further to the side, where the button to advance to the next song was. That said, the button that appears in the old position within the miniplayer is a broadcast button, which appears as the main novelty.

With “Cast”, the user can transmit the content to other devices. The forward or rewind features haven’t gone away. In this case, they are available through gestures, so just swipe to the right if you want to pass the track and to the left if you want to go back.

The only problem with these changes is the absence of the swipe down gesture when you want to clear the music queue. This was done so that it doesn’t interfere with the other gestures mentioned, but it results in a situation where the user has to remove everything manually, which is less practical. So, the platform is expected to do something to improve this point.

Now, check out the details about the possibility of the platform gaining a dedicated app for Apple TV soon.


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