YouTube adds a new feature for channel memberships


YouTube is starting a new test dedicated to channel memberships.

At the moment, the new feature is in beta and only rolling out to a group of creators’ channels, but they plan to roll it out in the future.

YouTube adds a new feature that allows you to give away memberships

YouTube announced a new option that creators can implement on their channels. At the moment, it is in beta version but they no longer show what it is about:

With Memberships Gifting, your channel members can purchase a set number of channel memberships [5, 10, 20] in a single purchase, which YouTube will “give away” to other viewers on your live stream.

This “give away memberships” option follows a similar dynamic to the one Twtich applies when it allows users to purchase gift subscriptions. Of course, those who receive these gift memberships will not have to pay anything, and will be able to count on all the premium benefits that the channel offers for one month.

And on the other hand, the creator will not be affected by the income he receives from the membership.

For this option to be available in a channel, it will be necessary for the creator to enable it from the configuration. And it won’t always be visible on the channel, as they will only show up during live streams. As mentioned, YouTube will distribute the memberships among the users who interact the most on the channel.

When they are chosen for this gift they will see a notification as if it were a chat message to accept the membership. And of course, they will also be notified by email.

As it is a beta, there are not too many details about how it works yet. The YouTube team has only mentioned that it will only be possible to purchase these memberships from the desktop version, with mobile purchases to be added in the future.

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