Xiaomi does not stop: confirms the new Xiaomi 14 with Leica cameras and HyperOS system, this October

xiaomi does not stop confirms the new xiaomi 14 with leica cameras and hyperos system, this october
xiaomi does not stop confirms the new xiaomi 14 with leica cameras and hyperos system, this october

Xiaomi will present its new generation of high-end mobile phones at the end of October, in collaboration with Leica.

Xiaomi’s pace of launches, far from slowing down, is only accelerating. Less than a month has passed since the presentation of the Xiaomi 13T in Spain , but in China they are already talking about the next generation, which will be officially presented very soon.

Xiaomi itself has confirmed on the Weibo social network that it will present the new generation of premium mobile phones this October ; Therefore, there are less than two weeks left to see the new devices and the news they will bring.

The Xiaomi 14 will be very important for the company because they will be the first devices based on HyperOS , Xiaomi’s new operating system based on Android; HyperOS will be Xiaomi’s foundation for the future, as it will run on all its products, from smartphones to tablets, Internet of Things devices and even its future smart cars.

Xiaomi 14 is close

The launch has been so far ahead that there really aren’t many rumors to base it on. Although they are not necessary, because Xiaomi itself has advanced some of the details of the new devices, especially with regard to photography, a fundamental aspect when choosing a new mobile phone.

The Xiaomi 14 will have the Leica brand logo, to represent the work it has done on the cameras and the importance that photography has in the new models. Leica will be responsible for supplying the Summilux lenses, which claim to be the best in the sector. That alone can be enough of a difference compared to mobile phones from other brands; But in addition, the Xiaomi 14 is expected to debut a new camera sensor , although the technical characteristics are not yet known.

Although Xiaomi has not specified the presentation date of the Xiaomi 14, rumors indicate that it will probably be held on October 27; It is expected to be officially confirmed next week.

In addition to the cameras and the new HyperOS system, it is to be imagined that Xiaomi will focus on mounting the best possible hardware in its new devices. This means that they may be among the first to mount the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor , which has not yet been officially announced but is expected to be used by all ‘premium’ Android-based phones.

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