This would be the next Xiaomi car, an SUV that goes for one of the most popular Porsche models

this would be the next xiaomi car, an suv that goes for one of the most popular porsche models
this would be the next xiaomi car, an suv that goes for one of the most popular porsche models

Xiaomi would already be working on a second car model, after the success of the SU7, and it would be very different.

The success of the Xiaomi car is already evident to anyone who looks at the market situation in China. The number of reservations is so large that the waiting list already lasts for months, and all thanks to a very cheap price and how well it compares against rivals from Tesla and Porsche .

This comparison is no coincidence, and Lei Jun himself, CEO of Xiaomi, made it in the presentation. The Xiaomi SU7 is aimed at attracting potential Tesla and Porsche buyers , with similar technology and some even higher performance figures; For example, the Xiaomi SU7 Max is faster than the Porsche Taycan and has more autonomy than the Tesla Model 3.

With such success, it is not surprising that the company is already thinking about the next model. The Redmi car is already a possibility, but first, Xiaomi is more likely to respond to the public with a very popular type of car: the SUV.

Xiaomi’s SUV

It is not surprising that Xiaomi’s second car is going to be an SUV , if the rumors are true. After all, it is the best-selling type of vehicle in recent years, and many manufacturers have even abandoned the production of sedans and utility vehicles to focus on SUVs. The electrical sector is no exception, especially as batteries have improved and compensated for the greater weight of these models.

To better understand what the new model would be like, Sugar Design has shared images on Instagram of a possible Xiaomi SU8. It must be clarified that these computer-created images are not official , and are just an exercise in imagination of what the new model could be like with what we know about Xiaomi’s design lines.

An SUV is larger and more practical than a sedan, and Xiaomi’s version would be no exception. However, it must be taken into account that the new model would be based on the same SU7 platform , precisely because it was designed for that, to offer options to the manufacturer. This is already very common in the industry, and it is very rare (if not non-existent) for a manufacturer to create a new platform just for one model.

That means that the Xiaomi SU8 might not be very big, and maintain a sporty style . In other words, I would go straight for the Porsche Macan, or perhaps the Porsche Cayenne, two of the Stuttgart brand’s most popular models. In fact, Porsche recently launched an electric version of the Macan, which would be the direct rival of this new Xiaomi model.

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