Black Shark will launch its smart ring against Samsung and Oura: a battery that you will have to charge once a year

black shark will launch its smart ring against samsung and oura a battery that you will have to charge once a year
black shark will launch its smart ring against samsung and oura a battery that you will have to charge once a year

Black Shark is known for being a Xiaomi sub-brand and for its skills in launching high-quality gaming accessories.

With the Samsung Galaxy Ring already on its way to summer to be one of the most coveted accessories for mobile phones, Black Shark, a Xiaomi sub-brand, is already moving to present its own: the Black Shark Ring .

At the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona at the end of February, the Korean technology giant showed its Galaxy Ring , although it did not give information or a possible price. It will be in the summer when everything will be known about this ring as one of the most trending accessories that is generating the most , and not only because of Samsung, but Oura also has its own, just as other actors are appearing on the scene .

The Black Shark Ring has been seen in silver, black and red and has a thickness of 2.2 mm . The design is characterized by a thin black line that runs through the center of the ring to almost surround it in its entire circular extension. There is a differentiating point compared to other rings:  Smart Touch , related to that black strip that surrounds the ring.

The ring will have the ability to monitor health with heart rate, blood oxygen and even body temperature. And while Black Shark does not comment on the resistance and hardness of the ring, it does comment on its more than excellent autonomy: up to 180 days or six months .

In fact, Black Shark’s smart ring can be seen in a series of images that it has published from its official Weibo account. In one of those press images you can even see the case with which the accessory could be charged.

Some screenshots that show that the Xiaomi sub-brand has everything ready for the next arrival of this ring as one of the best accessories that can be bought. Nor should we forget that Xiaomi has extensive experience in selling accessories such as the Xiaomi Smart Band 8, which has always turned out to be a sales success.

Now, according to GSMArena , all we have to do is wait for Black Shark to offer a date for its announcement and availability as well as its price, data for which there is no information at the moment. An accessory that is going to become the next trend, not only because of how small or light it can be, but because unlike smart watches or bracelets, it is not so annoying when going to bed, so you can better analyze the hours of sleep.


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