Netflix: releases of the week (May 20th to 26th)

netflix may
netflix may

Every week,  Voonze  presents the list of Netflix’s main releases, with emphasis on original content. And between May 20th and 26th,   Tudum  streaming will receive several films and series  on its platform.

This week, Netflix receives, among other original productions, the film Atlas , starring Jennifer Lopez. The anime Garouden: The Lone Wolf also arrives in the catalog .

Monday – 20/05

  • Luxury Family Properties — Season 4
    • Series (4 Seasons) | Netflix Original | Reality Show | Release Year: 2024 (France)
    • This reality show follows the Kretz family business, which helps clients buy and sell fabulous properties in France and abroad.
  • Princess Power — Season 3
    • Series (3 Seasons) | Netflix Original | Comedy | Children’s | Release Year: 2024 (USA)
    • Netflix’s new preschool animated series, Princess Power, is based on the best-selling Princesses Wear Pants written by Savannah Guthrie (one of the hosts of the American show Today) and Allison Oppenheim. The series celebrates female expression and power, chronicling the adventures of princesses Kira, Bea, Rita and Penny, from four different fruit kingdoms, who need to embrace their differences and join forces if they want to help fruit citizens and make the world a better place. Princess Power also shows that the important thing is not appearance, but attitude. The series is developed by Elise Allen (showrunner and executive producer) and is executive produced by Savannah Guthrie (co-author); Matthew Berkowitz, Kristin Cummings and Jennifer Twiner McCarron of Atomic Cartoons; and Drew Barrymore, Ember Truesdell and Nancy Juvonen of Flower Films.

Wednesday – 05/22

  • The World’s Toughest Military — Season 1
    • Series (1 Season) | Netflix Original | Documentary | Release Year: 2024 (UK)
    • This documentary series follows military forces from different countries and shows training for dangerous missions with specialized equipment.
  • The London Brokers — Season 1
    • Series (1 Season) | Netflix Original | Reality Show | Release Year: 2024 (UK)
    • In the new Netflix series  The Brokers of London , real estate mogul Daniel Daggers and the ambitious team of brokers at DDRE Global attempt to dominate London’s luxury property market. They do everything they can to win the best properties, from the prestigious streets of Mayfair to the most exclusive areas of Holland Park. While trying to make their mark in this glamorous world, agents still have to deal with the complexities of their personal lives.

Thursday – 05/23

  • Garouden: The Lone Wolf — Season 1
    • Series (3 Seasons) | Netflix Original | Action | Anime | Release Year: 2024 (Japan)
    • The story revolves around Juzo Fujimaki, rival of Bunshichi Tanba, the protagonist of the original books. Running away from the ghosts of the past, Juzo is forced to participate in a clandestine and very dangerous fighting tournament. Using his Takemiya-style skills, he faces a path full of terrifying enemies, as well as facing his own demons. All this with a three million yen bounty on his head and a stubborn investigator after him.
  • The Seller of Illusions: The Zoe Generation Case
    • Film | Netflix Original | Documentary | Release Year: 2024 (Argentina)
    • In a world full of frustrations and uncertainties due to the chaos generated by the pandemic, a man arrives to shake the market and people’s conscience with an initiative that encompasses education, finance and spiritual development.  The Seller of Illusions: The Zoe Generation Affair  shows the origin, growth and collapse of Latin America’s most bizarre and ambitious financial platform, which is an accurate portrait of its eccentric creator, Leonardo Cositorto.
  • My Safe Haven 2
    • Film | Netflix Original | Romance | Comedy | Drama | Release Year: 2024 (Türkiye)
    • After losing Melisa, Fırat and Can try to create a little world of their own and promise to never forget her. In addition to being father and son, they are two friends with a common sadness who share an apartment. After a year in a difficult situation, Fırat experiences coincidences that lead him to find love again when a new person enters his life.
  • Franco Escamilla: The Women of My Life
    • Special | Netflix Original | Stand-Up | Comedy | Release Year: 2024 (Mexico)
    • Franco Escamilla takes the stage to tell his stories of teenage love. A self-confessed womanizer, he guarantees a good laugh with hilarious adventures that went wrong, complete with long kisses and surprising endings.
  • The Tire King — Season 1
    • Series (1 Season) | Netflix Original | Sitcom | Comedy | Release Year: 2024 (USA)
    • Nervous and clueless, Will (Steve Gerben) works to save the chain of auto repair shops he inherited from his father. But his worst employee, his cousin (Shane Gillis), only knows how to be hard work.

Friday – 24/05

  • Atlas
    • Film | Netflix Original | Action | Drama | Science Fiction | Release Year: 2024 (USA)
    • Atlas Shepherd (Jennifer Lopez), a brilliant but antisocial data analyst who is completely suspicious of artificial intelligence, embarks on a mission to capture a rogue robot with whom she shares a mysterious past. But when the plan doesn’t work, Atlas’ only hope for saving humanity’s future will be to rely on artificial intelligence.
  • Mulligan — Part 2
    • Series (2 Season) | Netflix Original | Comedy | Release Year: 2024 (USA)
    • Loyalties are tested when President Mulligan and a group of survivors are faced with the grim reality of a planet ravaged by aliens, with no food, no electricity and no plumbing! To rebuild society, they will need to overcome ferocious animals, a ship with a deadly secret, and each other.
  • My Dear Oni
    • Film | Netflix Original | Adventure | Anime | Fantasy | Release Year: 2024 (Japan)
    • Wanting to get along with everyone and not be rejected, student Hiiragi, who lives in Yamagata, Japan, is unable to say “no” to his schoolmates and does everything they ask. It turns out that, even though he tries hard, things always go wrong, and he can’t make friends with anyone. One summer day, while trying to fulfill one of these requests, he meets Tsumugi, an oni girl who came to the human world to look for her mother. Totally different from Hiiragi, she only does what she wants.
  • Jurassic World: Chaos Theory — Season 1
    • Series (1 Season) | Netflix Original | Drawing | Children’s | Release Year: 2024 (USA)
    • The Jurassic Camp gang comes together to unravel a mystery when they uncover a global conspiracy that threatens not only the dinosaurs, but themselves as well.

Sunday – 26/05

  • An Unusual Family — Season 1
    • Series (1 Season) | Netflix Original | Drama | Romance | Release Year: 2024 (South Korea)
    • Gifted with unique superpowers, a family begins to lose their abilities in the face of the problems of the modern world, but a mysterious woman appears to change everything.
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