Shot shows 1st Tesla Cybertruck delivered in Brazil


Tesla doesn’t sell cars in Brazil , but that doesn’t mean that models like the controversial Cybertruck will stop showing up here. In fact, in the case of the futuristic electric pickup truck, this has already begun.

The truck’s first buyer had its delivery caught on Instagram profile @voj_photography , which showed the details first-hand. “The first Tesla Cybertruck arrived in Brazil to steal the show!!”, he warned.

The Tesla Cybertruck was brought to Brazil by Miami Imports and, after 60 days of travel, departing from the United States, it ended up being taken on a platform-type tow truck to its owner, who lives in Balneário Camboriú, in Santa Catarina, and paid a real fortune to count on the pickup.

In the United States, the Cybertruck was launched in December 2023 and, since then, it has sold more than 4 thousand units. Despite the problems that have been reported about the Tesla pickup truck, there is no denying that it attracts attention — for better or for worse , as the comments in the post below make clear.

Cybertruck still cannot run in Brazil

Miami Imports, responsible for delivering the first Cybertruck unit to an owner in Brazil, reported that, at least for now, the electric pickup is not released to drive on the streets of Santa Catarina.

According to the company, the owner was only released to take a walk, as there are still bureaucracies to be resolved, especially with regard to licensing and, of course, the registration of the Cybertruck.

The store’s followers on Instagram, unlike the people who commented on the profile of the insider who spotted the car on the streets, praised the pickup truck from Elon Musk ‘s automaker and stated that they “felt like they were in the future” when they saw the Cybertruck up close.

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