Disney+ will be up to 85% more expensive after merger with Star+; check new prices

disney+ will be up to 85% more expensive after merger with star+; check new prices
disney+ will be up to 85% more expensive after merger with star+; check new prices

Disney + will be up to 85% more expensive starting in June.

The streaming platform released its new price list that will come into effect from June 26th , when Star+ will cease to exist and all its content will be integrated into a single platform. And, as anticipated by the company itself, there will be two subscription plans, with prices ranging from R$43.90 to R$62.90 per month.

The most economical of them is the so-called Disney+ Standard, which will bring all existing Disney content, in addition to Star+ productions and some ESPN sports content with ads, but without access to live events. The resolution will be limited to 1080p and there will be a limit of only 2 simultaneous screens.

Those who opt for Disney+ Premium will have the full experience. In addition to the entire Disney+ collection and productions currently present on Star+, the big difference is the full access to ESPN channels, which also includes live games. Furthermore, the content will be displayed in 4K and on up to 4 simultaneous screens.

Check out the main differences between the two packages:

  Disney+ Standard Disney+ Premium
Monthly signature R$ 43.90 R$ 62.90
Annual subscription R$ 368.90 BRL 527.90
Sports content ESPN and ESPN3 channels only ESPN’s complete sports catalog, including all exclusive channels and events
Audio Up to 5.1 Even Dolby Atmos
Content resolution Up to 1080p Up to 4k with HDR
Simultaneous screens 2 devices 4 devices

In both plans, the Disney+ catalog and Star films and series will be available without ads. They also offer the same limit of 25 downloads on up to 10 devices.

Current subscriptions and partnerships

The values ​​will be valid for new subscriptions made from June 26th, the date of integration of the two services. For those with active accounts, the billing update will take effect on July 27th and will be done automatically.

The detail is that current Disney+, Star+ or Combo+ subscribers will automatically be migrated to the Disney+ Premium plan. This means that anyone who subscribes to the current R$33.90 for Disney+ could end up paying R$62.90 from one month to the next — an increase of 85%.

For those who already subscribed to both platforms, migration could even represent savings. Anyone who leaves the combo and opts for Disney+ Standard will stop paying the current R$55.90 and instead pay R$43.90. However, this means giving up live ESPN content.


Disney+ highlighted that subscriptions made by partners will continue to be valid, but that prices, dates and types of plans may vary.


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