What it is and how to activate stealth mode on your Mac to avoid being easily hacked

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While it is true that the price of this type of product is excessive, no one can deny that Apple’s Mac family works like silk. The manufacturer of the bitten apple has a family of products that exude quality from each of its pore. A computer that guarantees exquisite performance and that has become a great option for students and professionals. Thanks in part to the productivity tools and variety of apps available in macOS. Although, there is still a function that you do not know and that can avoid more than one headache. We are talking about the stealth mode for Mac and that will make things very difficult for lovers of the alien who want to hack your computer. What is stealth mode on a Mac Stealth mode on Mac is a feature included in macOS that makes your Mac “digitally invisible”. What do we mean by it? Well, no one will easily know that you have a Mac by connecting to the same network as you. The more information the attacker has, the easier it will be to hack into your computer. And the first step is to know the operating system you use. But with this system from Apple and including macOS, your Mac will ignore ping requests or connection requests from closed Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or User Datagram Protocol (UDP) networks. In this way, your computer will always be invisible to other people. You will imagine that it is a most useful function, especially if you are connecting to a public network, be it the library, your vacation spot, a residence… So, there is nothing like protecting your privacy. More, seeing how easy it is to follow the steps. Enabling Stealth Mode on a Mac If you’re connected to a public network, you may want to protect your computer, so just follow these steps to turn on Stealth Mode on your Mac: Launch the System Settings app on your Mac. Go to the Network section.Tap on Firewall.Click the Options button.Turn on the Enable stealth mode toggle.Tap the OK button. To disable stealth mode, you can follow the same steps above and disable the stealth mode toggle. You don’t have to do anything else. As you will have seen, the process is not difficult at all, in addition to being completely reversible, so do not hesitate to follow this tutorial. >

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