This is the safest way to use Telegram to send messages


Telegram is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp that has many advantages over the messaging app you use every day. More privacy, more options… But there is also something that you may not know and they are the secret Telegram chats that allow us to have a super private conversation with whoever you want and for whatever reason.

If you don’t know what Telegram chats are or how we can create them, there are a series of guidelines that you should follow and we will explain what advantages they have and how to open one.

What advantages do they have?

Telegram secret chats, as the name suggests, are secret. They allow us to communicate through the messaging application in a more private and secure way thanks to a series of special features or advantages that we will not find in other chats.

When can we use it? If you are concerned about privacy or security, it is an excellent option because they will ensure that this conversation is much more private than the others thanks to functions that we do not have in the rest of the Telegram chats and we do have here.

If you have Telegram open on several devices, using secret chats is one of the best options because the conversation you open will only You will see it on the device on which you created that chat at that moment and not at the rest. If you had a session open on your computer but want to have a private conversation from your mobile and you are worried about this, there is no problem because you will only see the secret chat created from the device you do it from.

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But there are also other, much more interesting advantages. The first thing is that it has end-to-end encryption that do not have the usual chats of the application. And the person you open the secret chat with won’t be able to take screenshots of anything you send. Neither screenshots nor will you be able to forward any type of message from that chat.

Furthermore, we canactivate self-destruction in photographs and videos and that they are only seen once but we can also set a timer for the messages we send by choosing how often we want them to self-destruct. We can choose between different options of seconds or a minute or a week. And they will be deleted automatically.

Another advantage of this type of secret chats is that the photographs you send or the videos you send using the Telegram camera will not be automatically stored on your mobile phone. If you want to send a photo it will not be saved in your gallery so maybe you are not worried about privacy but it can be useful if you are one of those who continually send photos via WhatsApp or Telegram of each bear you make and then delete them from your phone so that they do not take up space. space. Although you can configure the app so that a normal chat does not store it, this is also a good option if we want to remove trash from the phone easily.

How can we create one

We can create a secret Telegram chat whenever we want but the other person must accept that they want this conversation and you cannot use it until they join. Additionally, you should keep in mind that you should never use this type of chat to harass anyone, believing that it is a safe way to do so or that you will not leave a trace since it is a crime.

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If you want to create a secret chat we simply have to go to the Telegram application and From here we tap on the button at the bottom right with the pencil icon. It will open the contact book with Telegram but at the top you will see: New group, New secret chat, New channel. Choose the option that interests us and the app will automatically tell us who we want to open the chat with. Choose the person from the agenda and you will have created it.

When you open it you will see that Telegram explains the advantages or benefits of it.