This is how the gesture system works to control the Apple Vision Pro

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In early June, Apple wowed us with its first smart glasses. A virtual and augmented reality team that has marked a before and after in the industry. But how are the Apple Vision Pro controlled? Well, very simple, through a complete system of gestures capable of detecting the movements in your hands so that you can interact with these augmented and virtual reality glasses. But how does the gesture system work in Apple Vision Pro? It is that easy to control the Apple vision Pro And no one better than Andrew Hart, founder of Hyper, one of the most important augmented reality companies, to know all the secrets hidden in the gesture system of the Apple Vision Pro. Through Different messages posted on Twitter, we can see how Hart explains the different uses that we can give to the Apple Vision Pro. To begin with, its gesture system is very complete. For example, with just a pinch, you will zoom with your hands. On the other hand, as Hart indicates, the learning curve is perfect to offer a great experience. In addition to the pinch-to-zoom gesture system, Hart shows that other gestures can be made to open a writing tool. And in general, the gesture system allows us to access all kinds of functions, including a virtual keyboard, with a user experience that is impressive. Hart’s only complaint is that the Apple Vision Pro can’t offer tactile feedback without physical controllers. And this is annoying when typing, for example, since the experience is strange. This lack of sensory information may be the most negative element of the Apple Vision Pro, although surely the firm with the bitten apple will soon start working on peripherals that will make things easier for us. Also, we can always use a real keyboard to feel the touch of the keys… Meanwhile, Apple plays with the lighting, since the keys stand out when we move our finger closer, just as they dim as we move our finger away. But, it is clear that little by little they will improve the experience so that the Apple Vision Pro shines brighter than ever. And that today without impressive. In addition, we are talking about a very new technology and to which we will have to get used little by little. And seeing that the first generation cheap Apple Glass Vision will not be released until 2025, there is no rush… >

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