The new Android Auto 11.1 update completely changes your use behind the wheel

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Android Auto 11.1 new car icons

Android Auto continues to be updated with new features in its usage system to make driving behind the wheel a little more favorable for the user. On this occasion, Android Auto 11.1 has already been officially launched with a stable version for all mobile phones that can now be updated, with new features that improve driver safety by using certain applications when the car is not running, which completely changes its handling.

Google has released the new version of its car application with the update Android Auto 11.1.6402after the beta testers They will test the beta that they brought with them a few days ago to see possible bugs and corrections. Although the Play Store still shows that the latest Android Auto update is from mid-December 2023, it is expected to be released to all users with its new features in the next few hours.

As we already mentioned in previous articles, Android Auto 11 came to our smartphones with numerous changes to the icons, in such a way that a facelift was introduced in its interface so that the applications were displayed the same as on mobile phones, completely eliminating the round shape that they showed on the vehicles’ multimedia screen, although it will always depend on the model of your terminal. Now with Android Auto 11.1, A change has been detected in the operation of some apps what includes.

New features in Android Auto 11.1

Android Auto allows us to enjoy many features in our cars, such as listening to music, sending WhatsApp messages by voice, talking on the phone hands-free, etc.

But one of the most significant incentives comes through the new Android Auto 11.1 update with a big change in the visual appearance of the icons, which could already be observed in its test version, although the use of some applications that They had appeared suddenly. At the moment, Google has not communicated any details about what’s new in this update, but according to users who have been able to scrutinize the ins and outs of this version, the minigame tool GameSnacks and app editing Personalize can only be used when the car is stopped or parked.

Android Auto 11.1 new car icons

Apparently, the visualization has been improved since you can see a small drawing of a car in the lower right part of each of the icons of these two applications. In such a way that they indicate to the driver that they are programs that Android will never let you use when you are driving the vehicle, since they represent a major distraction and a road safety hazard.

After the launch of these two applications, Google could have in mind developing others that are compatible with Android Auto when the car is not moving.

How to update to Android Auto 11.1

As we said at the beginning of the article, if you still cannot download the new version of Android Auto 11.1, you may have to wait for it to be available in a few days, but it may be the case that it is already in the store Play Store and you haven’t realized it.

To do this, enter the Google application store, go to your profile and in Manage apps and device Manually check for recent updates that you may have overdue. If you find it, click on update and you will be able to enjoy Android Auto 11.1.

However, if you are an impatient user you want to start using the new version of this app right now, you can download it officially from the APKMirror portal. Once you have the file, select install, update packages and then open the application.

Remember that in order to use Android Auto 11.1, you must have an operating system version equal to or greater than Android 8.0 (Android Oreo).

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