The increase in the price of Android phones is an undisputed success for Apple

the increase in the price of android phones is an.jpg
the increase in the price of android phones is an.jpg

Currently the average price of mobile phones in Spain is about 500 euros, and mid-range terminals equivalent to that Mi A1 easily cost double that. Obviously they are much better models, but within the manufacturers’ catalogue, they occupy the same place.

Even brands that have bet on price like Xiaomi now want to get rid of that image, creating others like Redmi. Even Nothing, a newcomer to the sector, has created CMF, so as not to link its products to the idea of ​​”cheap cell phones.” And others that continue to boast of low prices, like realme, continue to increase them due to market needs.

Apple has not been left behind, and its products are also rising in price. The point is that not so long ago the iPhone exceeded 1000 euros in some models, and many threw their hands up. Currently, it is rare to find a brand that does not have a mobile phone above that price.

(Samsung could lose global leadership in mobile sales: Apple’s iPhone 15 would be the culprit)

Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO or vivo have normalized that four-figure prices are paid for their best mobile phones, and at the same price Apple always wins, due to ecosystem, brand image and other reasons. All in all, neither company seems to be sailing in a different direction.

Design and belonging to a group are something that adults tend to underestimate, but for teenagers it is key. In the United States, the majority of teenagers use an iPhone, and most of those who don’t do it would want to do it. In Spain it is not so common but little by little the trend is increasing and more and more young people are opting for a model from this brand, even if it is not new.

This also changes the rules because There are many buyers who prefer to spend 600 euros on a second-hand iPhone than that same amount on a mid-range mobile phone with Android. And it is not crazy since Apple keeps its terminals updated much more than its competitors.

The firm led by Tim Cook is on its way to becoming a hegemonic brand in the United States when it comes to smartphones. It is not only because many iPhones are sold, but because no other company is capable of standing up to Apple in consumer perception.

In Spain, before, Apple was considered an expensive brand, but in the USA it has never been seen in the same way. The price of phones there is similar while their purchasing power was much higher.

(Samsung is once again the best-selling manufacturer in Spain and Xiaomi drops to second place)

Now in our country something similar is happening since, although purchasing power has not risen as much as prices, all mobile brands have positioned themselves around Apple, at least in the high range. And if, There are many cell phones that have better features than iPhonesbut what matters to the vast majority of users is the autonomy, the camera and, right after that, the design and the brand.