The first true AI PCs will go on sale in 2024

the first true ai pcs will go on sale in.jpg
the first true ai pcs will go on sale in.jpg

A boy using an AI laptop

AI continues to spread its arms to become increasingly relevant in the technology sector. In 2024, it has been confirmed that it will become crucial in the launch of Microsoft’s new Surface. The objective is that artificial intelligence be increasingly important in the use of this equipment at a totally different level than what we have seen so far. They will be the first true PCs with AI.

Microsoft’s range of Surface devices has been in the eye of the hurricane throughout 2023. The departure of its top representative, Panos Panay, made specialists begin to talk about what the time could be for these teams to say goodbye. However, although Yes, changes are going to occur., today the Surface brand will continue in the market. And it will do so with a milestone: having the first PCs that will use AI in its entirety.

AI to the rescue

If Microsoft has thought about looking for ways to “save” Surface devices and prevent them from becoming a new debacle like Windows Phone was in the past, it is obvious that they had to come up with AI as an answer. Because today there is no technology that is more trendy and that provides, at least on paper, more guarantees of having a good impact among users.

Official photo of Microsoft's Surface 5 laptop

For this reason, the media is already talking about how the next Surface laptops will focus all their appeal on AI and how this technology will be what will stand out the most about them. Knowing the situation that the laptop market is going through and also the year 2023 that the Surface line has had, it does not surprise us at all that Microsoft has decided to opt for the use of the wild card of artificial intelligence. But what will it mean for what we will find in the stores in the next few months?

This will be the next Surface

We don’t know what slogan Microsoft will choose, but the plan is to emphasize as much as possible that AI is going to be the center of these Surfaces. From the first moment we turn on the computer, artificial intelligence should accompany us and make the experience more immersive. Anyway, you can expect other changes and improvements. For now, there is already talk about how the Surface 6 and Surface Pro 10 will use the latest chips, adopting both Intel’s 14 generation and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Series chips. The presence of these two chips will allow there to be ARM and Intel versions that users can choose from depending on their personal preferences. In both cases, an NPU will be included, a neural processing unit that will be responsible for giving life to the AI ​​so that it has a vital presence in the computer.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 device

That said, it is mentioned that the version that uses the Qualcomm chip, a computer that today receives the code name CADMUS, will be the one that will jump to AI in its entirety. It will be optimized for artificial intelligence and for all the functions of this technology that Microsoft plans to implement. The intention could be to introduce full support for the many AI functions that, theoretically, will accompany the new version of Windows that should arrive in 2024.

Expectations with the CADMUS model are high, especially because the specialists who are talking about it thanks to the leaked information claim that it could equal what was seen on computers with Apple Silicon. To achieve this, Microsoft would not only have poured all its knowledge into AI, but would also have increased the level of security, battery performance, and overall effectiveness of the equipment.

Robot hand next to the Windows 11 logo

Both models will have updated connection ports, better screens and, in the case of the Surface 6, two sizes: 15 and 13.8 inches. This would mean that the small version would have “grown” a little compared to the last released version of the laptop. Some new features would have been added to the laptop keyboard, such as a button with direct access to Copilot and a haptic touchpad.

Regarding the Surface Pro 10, in addition to the presence of AI, there is talk of how the most important thing will be the improvements that will be found on the screen. It will have HDR support, a new anti-reflective system which will improve vision from any angle and the presence of an NFC reader. However, rumors suggest that this next Surface Pro will only be the appetizer before, in 2025, a radically different model is launched that will represent a revolution compared to what we have seen so far.

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