The definitive keyboard exists: this Samsung app allows you to create it key by key

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812178892 237884860 1706x960.jpg

Samsung has in its application store, the Galaxy Store, a keyboard that is so configurable that it can be assembled key by key to personalize it.

Although Google is the developer of Android and the one that allows its use openly and free of charge to many companies that manufacture mobile phones, the reality is that The interfaces of the different brands differ greatly from each other. You just have to see how Sony and Xiaomi are, very different.

One of those that has historically been most committed to offering differential value in its software is Samsung, which despite the fact that it opted for its own operating system at the time, has positioned itself as Google’s best ally. But that does not mean that it has not developed its own software that makes its phones extremely customizable.

(The great novelty of the Google keyboard on your mobile so you can use emojis better)

One of the best examples is GoodLock, a software available in the Samsung Galaxy Store, the company’s application store, and which includes many modules to customize each element of One UI, the company interface. One of the things that allows you to change, to an almost unhealthy level, is the keyboard.

The module that allows this is Keys Cafe, an application that runs on Samsung’s own keyboard, so you have to choose this input method to be able to use it. The app allows you to create a keyboard with a base template, be it a qwerty keyboard, an azerty keyboard, one in Spanish, one in English, etc.

Once the template has been chosen, it is time for customization.. You can add several rows of keys, set their height and, what is most striking. Select the width of each key. This means that some can be given more importance than others.

Keys Cafe interface

But the most important thing is that each key can be customized. You can put emoticons, symbols, shortcuts to tools like copy, paste… and each key will be in the place you want, and will have the size you prefer.

As if that were not enough, you can change the color of the keyboard, downloading a theme module. The colors are not so customizable, but they do allow you to choose the shape of the animations that arise when pressing the different keys, the sounds that they generate, etc. It even allows you to create stickers from images that are on your mobile.

Keys Cafe interface

This application can be download for free from GoodLock, an app that Samsung offers in its Samsung Galaxy Store and that allows you to modify the appearance of your mobile phones to extreme levels. This means that it can only be used on company mobile phones. You can also see a video as well as its main functions on the Samsung website.

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