Premieres the week of June 19, 2023 on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+ and more

Premieres the week of June 19, 2023 on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+ and more
premieres the week of june 19, 2023 on netflix, prime

If you are reviewing what you can enjoy as a premieres on the platforms video this week of June 19, 2023 in Spain, we are going to make it easy for you. You will find everything that is relevant here so that you do not miss anything both in the films like the series that are new in the catalogs of each of the services.

The most striking series does not generate many doubts this week. The one you shouldn’t miss if you have a Disney+ account is secret invasion. Opening June 21, Samuel L. Jackson reprises his iconic role as Nick Fury. In this new installment, the legendary agent is drawn into a fast-paced plot of intrigue and action when he discovers a clandestine invasion carried out by the enigmatic Skrulls, an alien race with a surprising connection to his old friend Talos. These, who had previously been seen as potential enemies, turn out to be a key piece in this intergalactic intrigue that has constant tension.

Among the films that arrive as premieres on the different platforms, there is one on Prime Video that we believe is quite worth it, since, surely, it amuses the majority. We talk about john wick 4. June 22 is when it can be seen in the service that we have discussed before. This time, the story plunges into an emotional and adrenaline-filled journey in which the protagonist, driven by a personal vendetta, is forced to face a ruthless world filled with bloodthirsty bounty hunters. The plot originates from a tragic event: the murder of his beloved dog, the last tangible link to his deceased wife.

The rest of the premieres in the week of June 19


  • A Narwhal Like No Other: Season One Premieres June 19
  • Scooby!: premieres June 20
  • Break Point: Season 2 premieres June 21
  • Skull Island: Premiere of the first season on June 22
  • We want a divorce: premiere of the first season on June 22
  • The perfect combination: premiere on June 23
  • Across the Sea: Premiere June 23
  • Titans: season four premiere on June 25

Prime Video

  • I’m a Virgo: season one premieres June 23
  • Barrabrava: premiere of the first season on June 23
  • Last Night in Soho: Premiere June 25


  • The Gemstones: Season 3 premieres June 19
  • And Just Like That…: Season 2 premieres June 22
  • Sofia and real life: premiere of the first season on June 23

Movistar Plus+

  • Leia’s Family: Premiere June 20
  • Kompromat: The Russian File: premiere on June 21
  • Matrix Resurrections: premiere on June 23
  • Hopper, the chicken hare: premiere on June 24
  • The shape of a champion. The Legend of Jem Belcher: Premiere June 25


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