Collaborative playlists are coming to Apple Music this year

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Before spending a day with your friends or family, someone in the group might announce that they are putting together a playlist.

If you’re a Spotify user, this isn’t a big deal: everyone can contribute to the playlist from their phones. But Apple Music doesn’t offer collaborative playlists. At least not yet.

At the end of this year, An update to Apple Music will allow you to create collaborative playlists. The idea is quite simple: you invite your friends to create a collaborative playlist and they can contribute the songs they want.

Everyone in the collaborative playlist can see who submitted each song, and you can leave emoji reactions to songs you love or hate.

Of course, collaborative playlists require an Apple Music subscription.

Along with collaborative playlists, Apple Music will also incorporate a feature called SharePlay, which enables a wireless control system for vehicles with CarPlay. If a group of Apple Music users are in a CarPlay-enabled vehicle, they can control playback (skip tracks, pause, etc.) and contribute to the music queue.

The collaborative playlists feature is coming to Apple Music “later this year,” according to a press release from Apple. Therefore, it may not be included in the iOS 17 update (which will arrive in September or October).

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