Premieres coming to HBO Max in July 2023: all the series and movies

Premieres coming to HBO Max in July 2023: all the series and movies
premieres coming to hbo max in july 2023: all the

One of the platforms that has been in Spain for the longest time is HBO Max (let us not forget that in his day he changed his name). The fact is that the premieres that are planned for now for the month of July 2023 they have met. We show you everything you should keep in mind if you have an account with this service.

Among the most striking options is the premiere of the first season of the series closed circle. This creation, which lands on HBO Max on July 13, will witness an investigation that unravels the well-kept secrets of a failed kidnapping, revealing a web of intrigue that encompasses not only various characters, but also different New York cultures. York.

The story takes place in the most remote corners of the aforementioned city, where tension and suspense are intertwined with cultural richness. As investigators delve deeper into the crime, they uncover a tangle of age-old secrets and surprising connections that have remained hidden for decades. A lot of tension, a great rhythm and actors who do it really well.

Another arrival that attracts attention is the third and final season of the bronze garden. In this new installment, there will be an unexpected plot twist when the little daughter of one of the most powerful families in the country is kidnapped. The search will be one of the guiding threads of creation. As the investigation progresses, well-kept and dark secrets come to light, testing the loyalty of all the protagonists.

The suspense is further intensified with the appearance of a new y. This shocking revelation unleashes a series of new conflicts and tensions within the family, challenging established relationships and threatening to unravel the truth behind the kidnapping. It opens on July 7.

Other HBO Max premieres in July 2023

We then leave the list of all the options currently programmed by the platform for those who can access its catalog to enjoy:

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  • Días de gallos: premiere of the second season on July 6
  • MaPa: premiere of the first and second season on July 21
  • Harley Quinn: season four premiere on July 27
  • Teenage Euthanasia: Season 2 Premieres July 28

Other releases

  • Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender: premieres on July 1
  • Queen: Days of Our Lives: premieres on July 1
  • Shaun White: The Last Round: Premieres July 6
  • Millionaire Wanted: Premiere July 7
  • Last Call: Queer New York’s Serial Killer: Premieres July 10
  • Smartless: On Tour: Premiere July 19
  • Superpowered: The DC Story: Premiere July 20
  • The golden boy: premiere on July 25
  • Cape Cod Sharks: Premiere July 27