Now it is Telegram that copies WhatsApp with voice or video messages that are only seen once

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now it is telegram that copies whatsapp with voice or.webp.webp.webp


In Telegram they were pioneers in ephemeral messaging with secret chats and many related functions that have come later, such as messages that self-destruct, but for the latest news it seems that inspiration has come from WhatsApp by implementing voice or video notes that can only be viewed once in a very similar way.

Telegram announced three new features related to your audio recorder and short videos that will allow us to record in several takes and in

Telegram copies the recorder to WhatsApp

Telegram has just improved its recorder, that is, the section for recording voice or video notes, with three new features that were included in WhatsApp relatively recently and that they are related to each other.

The first of them is the possibility of record an audio or video note in multiple takes, something you can only do if you are recording in hands-free mode, locking the recording with the lock icon. After doing so, the floating pause button will stop the recording and we can continue it by pressing the microphone icon again.


Also with the hands-free mode we will be able to make the recipient can only hear the audio once, pressing the button (1). Again, the same as in WhatsApp. This button will also appear if what we are recording is a video note.

There the kinship ends, since the implementation of these ephemeral video notes in the chat is much more elaborate in Telegram. The player, for example, displays a fuse that gets shorter as you reach the end. Once you open it, as soon as you exit the player the message is deleted.

MensThis is what a video note that can only be seen once on Telegram looks like in the chat

One difference between how these ephemeral notes work on WhatsApp and on Telegram is that on Telegram whoever sends them can see them again as many times as they want if the other person has not opened them yet, something that does not happen in WhatsApp.