Microsoft wants you to switch to Windows 11 that easily while keeping your data

microsoft wants you to switch to windows 11 that easily.jpg
microsoft wants you to switch to windows 11 that easily.jpg

Windows 11 update that easy

Have you still not switched to Windows 11 and are you still stuck on the previous version? Microsoft encourages you to migrate from Windows 10 to Windows 11 in a clear and simple way through an explanatory video and thus have the most updated version on your PC without losing your data. But will Microsoft stop supporting Windows 10 to focus solely on Windows 11 and its upcoming updates?

Microsoft is doing everything possible so that its users can switch to Windows 11 as quickly as possible, offering all the benefits that come with it. Although many users continue to think that there are no reasons to change, the truth is that this new support from the North American company has many more factors in favor than against and It is always advisable to have your computer updated to receive the latest Windows security patches.

Upgrade to Windows 11 that easy

Is the end of Windows 10 approaching? Microsoft has shared a video on its official YouTube channel where it explains how easy it is switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11 preserving all your user records, as well as your emails, your bookmarked web pages in Microsoft Edge or all your personal documents and files. The video ends with the phrase “Windows 11 really makes everyday life easier.”

It seems that Microsoft wants its Windows 10 users to move to Windows 11 as soon as possible, giving it a different approach to try to persuade them so that they can enjoy all the features and new features that this new version currently offers. But is this video convincing enough for you to switch to Windows 11?

The truth is that it is really easy to transfer all your data to the new Windows update, as long as you make a backup copy so that you don’t lose anything along the way, as the promotional video itself clarifies: «First I made a backup copy of all my things from my old PC». Thus, you can easily transfer all your applications, files, preferences and settings to Windows 11, if you want to do so.

For its part, in Microsoft Edge you can keep all your passwords and additions from websites and other portals found in the favorites icon. “I guess I have nothing to worry about,” they emphasize in the video after showing us this benefit.

Why switch to Windows 11?

There are still many users who are reluctant to switch to the new Microsoft operating system, perhaps because it has not worked well for them, because they feel comfortable with Windows 10 or simply because they are lazy. But it is best to have your PC updated to safely receive the latest performance patches and improvements for computer optimization and, above all, protection from malware and other computer attacks.

There is also an improvement in the interface with greater ease of access to your PC settings, in addition to the integration of Android applications and new gaming functions. However, other types of changes are included that significantly improve the user experience with the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence, such as Copilot.

In short, it never hurts to try new things. After all, Microsoft advocates for updating as easily as possible, which seems to indicate that it has unique plans in mind for Windows 11 in the near future.

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