Noloco, create internal tools without code, from spreadsheets

It is possible to create many tools without knowing how to program. Nocode applications are becoming more and more popular, and the circle of possibilities of what can be done with them is expanding.

Today we have met version 2.0 of Noloco, a platform capable of creating internal tools using only spreadsheets, Airtable and PostgreSQL.

It is presented as a no-code platform for teams to instantly build in-house tools and customer-facing apps from your data in Airtable, PostgreSQL and Google Sheets, all without writing a single line of code.

During this year they have created programs for contractor payroll management, internal practice management and even sophisticated CRM, all done directly by their clients.

They now offer a free product for those looking to start their journey without code, a product that allows:

– Create unlimited test applications.
– Have 1 application live, working.
– Set up 5 team members.
– Have another 10 active users of the application each month.
– Work with up to 1000 records (per application).
– Define permission rules at the record level.
– Configure 5 active workflows.
– Work with 50 workflows every month for free.

In addition to announcing its free version, they have updated some features related to the PostgreSQL data source, and have created their own Templates library to help learn Noloco faster. They also have public forms, so it’s easy to collect data from your users without them having to log in.

You can try it at, where in addition to the free plan they have discounts for those who need to use the premium version of the platform.