New Windows 11 advances with passkeys to sign in without passwords

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The big technology companies involved with the passkey standard, that is, with the new login method that is more secure and an alternative to obsolete passwords, are materializing their commitment through deeds.

In this sense, now it is Microsoft who is making Windows 11 a friendlier operating system with this standard through the new features recently introduced in the new version that has just arrived on its development channel.

One step ahead to login without passwords

The company notes that with the improvements introduced, users will now be able to go to any application or web service that supports passkeys to create and sign in with passkeys through the native experience offered from Windows Hello, the Windows logon system that will allow access either with the face, with the fingerprint or with a PIN.

In addition, users will also be able to use their mobile devices to complete the sign-in process for supported web services and applications if they already have passkeys available on those devices.

It also allows you to manage and delete existing passkeys

Windows 11 is also debuting a new dialog from settings where users will be able to access passkeys they already have saved on their Windows device and delete passkeys they no longer use.

Microsoft tells users that if they see the passkey interface when using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, choose “Windows Hello or external security key” to get the native Windows experience.

And they add:

Try Google Chrome Canary for the latest experience there. Because Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, experiences in Chrome Canary will also roll out to Microsoft Edge over time.

Despite the fact that the progress with the passkeys is the highlight of this version, it also has a series of additional changes and improvements that those interested can consult through this link.

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