Android: 4 artificial intelligence features that will be released soon

4 artificial intelligence features that will be released soon
4 artificial intelligence features that will be released soon

Android will have more integration with AI, as presented at Google’s annual conference. Features that will arrive “soon” range from optimized search to scam protection

Google revealed a number of new artificial intelligence (AI) features for Android at its annual Google I/O conference . Among the new features are improvements to the Gemini app and the Circle tool for searching. The company also announced improvements to the TalkBack accessibility feature and another feature capable of identifying calls intended to scam users. Google has not confirmed release dates, something that also depends on the manufacturers that use the system. In general, the expectation is that they will be available by the end of the year. Next, check out which devices will be able to use these AI features and how these tools can be useful for users of Android devices.

 Circle to Search

The Circle to Search feature can solve school tasks directly on your cell phone. To do this, simply circle the question on subjects such as physics and mathematics if you are in doubt and the resource will provide a complete step-by-step guide on how to answer it. It is expected that with the next updates it will be possible to resolve more complex issues such as graphics and symbolic formulas. Launched in January, Circle to Search is now available on more than 100 million devices today. According to Google, the expectation is to double this number by the end of the year.

 Gemini App

The Gemini application will also receive improvements. Soon, users will be able to superimpose the AI ​​assistant on their favorite applications, taking advantage of the tool in different ways. The user will be able to create images in the app and drag the files to a chat app without having to close and open the platforms several times. Another new feature is called “Ask this video”, offering summaries and specific information about YouTube videos . For those who have Gemini Advanced, there will be an additional “Ask about this PDF” option. This update promises to bring a new dimension of interactivity and efficiency to Android users and will be available “in the coming months.


TalkBack, a native accessibility feature on Android, will receive additional functions from the AI ​​model integrated into the operating system, Gemini Nano, with the aim of making cell phone use easier for people with visual impairments. Users will have access to even more complete descriptions of the actions taking place on the device’s screen. More identified details can be described by artificial intelligence, such as, for example, which clothing model appears in a specific photo. The resource can even be used offline.

 Scam alert during calls

Google also announced improvements to alert against scams during calls on Android. The feature also operates with the Gemini Nano and can issue live warnings when making suspicious calls. The tool identifies when there is a request for personal and confidential information — such as bank details, card passwords — or payment requests. The company informs that the function does not change the fact that the user’s conversation and data remain private and restricted to the device.

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