Google Wallet, just scan the QR code to pay

google wallet, just scan the qr code to pay
google wallet, just scan the qr code to pay


Google Wallet (formerly Pay) introduces a new feature that allows you to make payments by reading QR codes. We start from Brazil, which will thus be the first country to experiment with the evolution of the Mountain View electronic payment system in view of possible expansion into other markets.

The intention is to make all Android smartphones compatible with Google Wallet, even those without NFC technology: just point the camera at the QR code that appears on the POS and confirm the purchase with your fingerprint. It is no coincidence that the company has opted for Brazil as the first market in which to introduce the new function: in fact, in the South American country there are still many smartphones not equipped with NFC technology, essential for making contactless digital payments.


  • open Google Wallet
  • add your credit or debit card if you haven’t already
  • Select your preferred payment method if you haven’t already
  • click on the QR code symbol
  • scan the QR code that appears on the store’s POS
  • once Google Wallet has recognized the QR code, the screen with the amount to pay, the selected credit/debit card and the payment button appears
  • click on the payment button
  • verify the payment with your fingerprint
  • wait for confirmation
  • the last screen summarizes the operation just completed

With the scanning of dynamic codes in the POS, new scenarios open up that will make simpler, more immediate and safer the payment process for many Brazilian consumers. The function will be activated starting from the next few months, as mentioned at the beginning it is said that it cannot be extended to other countries, perhaps even where NFC technology is more widespread.

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