Microsoft changes rules and bans cryptocurrency mining on its cloud services

Microsoft changes rules and bans cryptocurrency mining on its cloud services

THE Microsoft updated the “Acceptable Use Policy” of your services azure in Dynamics 365 in early December. As a result, it will no longer be possible to use them to mine cryptocurrencies🇧🇷 With this, the company joins other names like Google and Amazon in implementing this type of ban.

In general, the new rules say that neither the client nor other users who use the online service through the client will be able to mine cryptocurrencies without prior approval from the company. In this sense, she suggests that the person seek a pre-approval in writing if he intends to use the services.

The exception may seem a little strange at first, but Microsoft justifies that this measure is for research and test cases that aim to work on security issues. In any case, the change was made subtly, without any official announcement from the company.

Meanwhile, it is worth remembering that the mining market faces some turmoil, as in the case of binancewhich can have your CEO accused of money laundering by the US Department of Justice. Similarly, a recent study showed that bitcoin mining has an 8x greater impact on the climate compared to gold mining.

As for this change, which used Azure for these purposes, you will have to look for other alternatives to mine your cryptocurrencies. Even so, it was not very clear why Microsoft acted in this way. That said, it is speculated that the reason was abnormal behavior on their servers.

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