What’s new in Skype: real-time translation with a natural voice


Microsoft is updating Skype with a series of new features that come with the latest version.

Although Skype doesn’t usually grab many headlines in recent times, the Microsoft team has been able to keep it alive with updates that often surprise users.

New themes and the use of AI for real-time translations

The Microsoft team announced a lot of new things with the latest Skype update. We will not only find bug fixes and performance improvements, but also new options to customize its interface.

For example, new theme colors have been added beyond those already available in the app. So now the user can have different designs, colors and formats to customize the chats.

Skype is also renewing the Today tab, where interests, news and different topics come together. So if you are waiting for the next video call to arrive, or you are waiting for your friend to reply to that message, it might be useful for you to take a look at this section.

On the other hand, the great novelty of this Skype update has to do with video calls. As mentioned by the Microsoft team, with this version the real-time translation function is implemented with a great particularity:

Today we launch real-time Skype to Skype video call translation, using your natural voice. This means you can have a conversation with someone who speaks a different language and the translation will happen automatically, in real time, as the conversation takes place.

As the conversation takes place, the work of the AI ​​comes into play that automatically detects the languages ​​that users speak to translate them in real time. And if the user has previously activated the option for natural use of his voice, the AI ​​will make the translation sound as if it were the person.

A dynamic that will be available in several languages ​​such as Spanish, English, Chinese, German, French, among others.

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