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iPhone 15 Ultra, Apple’s next top of the range will debut a new design

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Mark Gurman, one of the best known Bloomberg analysts for his experience in the apple world, has released some interesting predictions about the future of the apple company, and in them he talks about the iphone 15 Ultra and a major design change in 2023. We’re going to take a closer look at both.

The iPhone 15 Ultra will be, in theory, the next top-of-the-range smartphone and no, it is not a new model that will coexist with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, will be your substitute and it will succeed the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The change of name makes sense, since the “Ultra” badge is simpler and easier to use than “Pro Max”, and on the other hand it also gives the feeling that it is talking about something higher, that is, for the consumer the word “Ultra” gives a clear sense of superiority over “Pro”, or “Pro Max” in this case.

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Apple debuted the “Pro Max” brand in 2019, specifically with the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Since then it has been maintaining that nomenclature until today, but we already know that trademarks and trade names are something alive, and that Apple does not hesitate to adjust or change them when it deems it necessary, so this information makes all the sense in the world, and the source above is very reliable.


The name change to iPhone 15 Ultra will not mean any relevant news, which means that this terminal will continue to maintain its focus and position in the market, that is, it will continue to be a larger version of its little brother, the iPhone 15 Pro. Apple may decide to include, as it has done on other occasions, some difference at the hardware level, but even if this happens, these differences should be minor.

Regarding the expected design change, Gurman believes that Apple will introduce important changes in the iPhone 15, and in all its versions. It’s important to put attention on this would affect two key points, the design of the rear camera and the arrangement of the lenses, and also the frame of the terminal. We should not expect relevant changes on the front, and the Dynamic Island is here to stay, so it will be present again in the next generation of Apple smartphones.

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We are left with an important question, yes, what will happen to the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Max? Everything seems to indicate that Apple will repeat the strategy we saw with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, which means that both new generation models will reuse the A16 SoC, present in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, at least they will show off that new design change that we have discussed, and they will have the Dynamic Island.

If everything goes as planned, the presentation of the iPhone 15 in all its versions will take place in September next year although we can expect a constant trickle of information and leaks from the first and second quarters of next year, as has happened in previous years with other models.

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