Instagram will allow pinning posts, is this a good idea?

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Gradually, but without as much pomp and circumstance as WhatsApp, the Instagram application works constantly to offer new features so that users can improve their experience when using the social network. It has been known that it has in mind to offer a new option to further customize the profiles. The truth is that in recent times the most interesting steps have been taken on this platform and, furthermore, that they listen to the opinions of those who use it. An example of what we say is the return of the chronological order in the feed that is seen when opening the application. The fact is that now it has in mind, and is in the process of testing, to offer the possibility of pinning a publication to the profileā€¦ in the same way that it can be done with stories. And, this, aims to be the most positive. And, beware, this is not something that has been exclusively known because an image has been leaked in which you can see what the function will be like. In this case, a representative of Meta, a company that owns Instagram, is the one who has indicated that this is a novelty in which they work and that, therefore, they want to enhance the personalization options in the profiles of the users. users. In other words, we are talking about something that will come yes or yes to the social network. A clarifying image could not be missing The truth is that it has been known for some time that Instagram intends to do this, but to date it had not been officially recognized. An example of the data that had been published has the developer Alessandro Paluzzi as its protagonist, who showed on Twitter the message that will appear in the application where it can be indicated that a publication will be the one that will be highlighted in the user’s profile. If this is so, as you can see below, everything will be really simple. What use can this have on Instagram? Well, much more than you might think. Beyond leaving everything exactly as desired on the main page of a profile, the chosen publication can be used as a presentation for all those who want to know what can be found in it and, therefore, we speak of a suitable publication for those who want to use Instagram as more than just a place to post the photos you take when you go on vacation. A good move no doubt. According to what has been known, some users who use the trial version of Instagram (which sometimes causes problems with the language of the user interface), have already begun to test the option we are talking about and which is known as PIN. This means that everything is quite advanced and that, quite possibly, in a short time this new feature will be available to everyone. And, the truth is that it is a possibility that will surely be quite used. >

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