Infinite battery and great design, this is the new Xiaomi surveillance camera

ezviz c6 2k in the test indoor ptz surveillance camera.jpeg
ezviz c6 2k in the test indoor ptz surveillance camera.jpeg


Xiaomi has presented a security camera with solar panels that allows it to always be activated without having to plug it in.


Xiaomi’s ecosystem remains one of the most complete in the world, especially now that they have even presented a car from which to control a large part of their devices. Among the brand’s many products, those that focus on the home stand out, from kitchen appliances to security devices.

Xiaomi has its Xiaomi Home application, which centralizes the use of all these devices, and can even be used from a television with Android TV. This is a good place to use the latest of their releases, the security camera Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera BW 400 Pro with solar panels.

This new surveillance camera is similar to the Anker eufyCam 3 that passed through the analysis table a few months ago. By including small solar panels, these cameras keep the battery always charged. making it unnecessary to plug them in, at least while they are in a place where they get direct sunlight.

A camera without a charger

It has a 10,000 mAh battery that allows autonomy for months, and which is also charged automatically with solar panels. It also has a charger in case it is necessary to charge them because they want to be placed in a shaded area, or because the sun has not been enough for a long time, something highly unlikely.

This camera has IP66 water and dust protection, which allows nothing to happen if it rains or if there is dust in the environment. This camera is used in combination with an internal system that centralizes the connection of all cameras, which is included in the sales package.


Regarding camera quality, the Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera BW 400 Pro has a 1/2.7-inch sensor capable of record video in 2.5K resolution, with a viewing angle of 132ยบ and it supports HDR. In addition, it also has four LEDs and two infrared sensors to being able to record when it is night and there is no light.

The system has detection of people and restricted areas in which to detect movement, so that there are no false alarms because someone walks on the sidewalk in front of the house. Videos can be stored within the base, in physical memory, or in the Xiaomi cloud, if so configured. Of course, it is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.


For now Neither international prices nor its arrival in Spain have been announced. although the fact that it is on the company’s global website and not on its Chinese website suggests that it may soon be distributed at least in some European countries.

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