If your hotel room has an LG TV, you’ll soon be able to control it from your iPhone

If your hotel room has an LG TV, you'll soon be able to control it from your iPhone
if your hotel room has an lg tv, you'll soon

LG is the leading provider of televisions for hotels. With a family of products beyond any doubt, your Smart TVs shine with their own light. And now, they will be much better if you have an Apple team.

Mainly because LG Electronics just announced that the brand’s Smart TVs aimed at hotels will have support for AirPlay. This means that you can send any content you want from your mobile, and without any registration.

We talk about a new family called LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel and that is directed to the sector. At the moment, they will only offer support for AirPlay, but in the future they could integrate support for Chromecast, which would allow the same thing to be done from an Android phone.

LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel, the hotel TVs that you control with your mobile

Regarding the operation of this system, the truth is that it is very simple. When you enter a room with an LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TV, you will only have to scan a QR code from your iPhone or iPad.

This way, you don’t have to worry about entering any kind of password. The moment you connect your equipment, You will now be able to use AirPlay without much difficulty and as you do with any other device.

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Thanks to that, you can use AirPlay to stream music and audio from your iOS devicein addition to mirroring the screen of your iPhone, iPad or Mac among many other advantages.

As they have announced through a press release, “This is a breakthrough for in-room entertainment in the travel and hospitality industry, and underscores how carefully we listen to the needs of consumers who increasingly demand simple access to their personal media options on the biggest screen, wherever they are.” Hotels offering this feature will have an immediate advantage with travelers using Apple devices, increasing guest satisfaction and providing real customer differentiation. local competition”.

To get it, LG and Apple have worked hand in hand to offer an AirPlay system that is the same as in equipment from the company with the bitten apple. In this way, guests will securely connect their iPhone or iPad to the hotel’s LG smart TV simply by scanning a unique QR code so they don’t have to worry about a thing. You don’t even have to install any app…

Hotel operators will be able to start offering AirPlay capability on LG hotel smart TVs later this year. Of course, only for 2023 models or future LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel family televisions.


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