Uber expands video recording pilot for driver partners in Brazil

Uber expands video recording pilot for driver partners in Brazil
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Last Thursday (22), Uber announced the expansion of the video recording pilot to more locations in Europe. In progress since October last year, the initiative will now be extended to partner drivers who use cell phones with the Android system in João Pessoa (PB) and Santos (SP).

Until then, only drivers using Apple devices had compatibility with the feature in both cities. Other locations have also tested the security measure, such as Campinas (SP) and Petrópolis (RJ), in addition to some municipalities in the United States.

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The feature takes advantage of the selfie camera on the driver’s smartphone to record the trip, in video and audio. Thus, in case of an incident report, the recording can be shared by the partner with the support team.

Filming is optional and enabled by the driver. The registration starts when approaching the boarding point and remains during the trip. It is stopped just 20 seconds after the end of the journey, as some situations can happen when disembarking.

The recording is encrypted on the cell phone, without direct access by any user or by Uber itself, without the encryption key. In turn, the user is informed that the trip will be recorded before boarding, which makes it possible to cancel the trip and request another car, if you prefer.

The only way for Uber’s service team to have access to the content is through an in-app security incident report, or at the request of the appropriate authorities. The video is available on the partner’s device for a period of seven days after the trip, with automatic deletion after that time if no call is made.

The new initiative comes days after Uber expanded its partnership with public safety agencies to accelerate emergency responses.

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