Can I watch free channels with an Android TV or Google TV?

Watching TV online is an excellent option that will make us do without an antenna or access thematic channels that we cannot see on DTT. If we have a TV with Android or a Google TV, can we watch these channels? We tell you all the options we have to do it and how you can watch free channels.

Whether you want to watch DTT or thematic channels of all kinds, there are many options to watch them on your Android TV or if you have Google TV as your operating system. You can use many different options to view it and we will tell you a few.

Channel and Group Apps

One of the best ways to watch TV for free from your television is to use the channels’ own applications that offer us the option of watching them over the Internet without the need for DTT and for free. Atresplayer, Mitele or RTVE Play in addition to the regional channel applications that are available for download in the Google Play Store and that allow us to watch TV over the Internet.

Each of them has different channels and options that we can see online. In the case of Atresplayer we can watch channels such as Antena 3, La Sexta, Neox, Nova, Mega or Flooxer and watch the content live from the Internet. But there is also on-demand content and we can re-watch already broadcast programs, for example.

The same happens with others like Mitele, which offers the option of watching Mediaset channels live whether you want to watch Telecinco, Cuatro or other specialized thematic channels such as mitele comedy, miteleviajes… as well as FDF, Divinity, Be Mad, Boing and many others. dials included in the same application.

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Other apps

If you want to watch free channels, Tivify is one of the best applications that you can have installed on your Android TV or with a Google operating system. Tivify has payment plans for which we have to pay but you can also watch free channels with an Android TV without registration and there are more and more options offered by this versatile application with many options.

Tivify offers different plans but the free plan has up to 190 free-to-air channels. It does not have Mediaset and Atresmedia channels so you will have to download the official applications. But you have almost 200 different channels and the possibility of watching them openly as well as restarting them to watch them from the beginning, etc.

Another very interesting thematic channel option that we can have on Android or Google TV is Pluto TV. Pluto TV is an application with ads but with free channels that we can watch from any platform. We can access the web or download the application on TV. You don’t have to pay anything and the only thing you’ll have to see are ads sporadically.

There are channels for series, movies, crime and mystery, documentaries, cartoons and children, music, news… Pluto TV’s interface is not the most comfortable or the best but you can watch TV for free and it has a wide variety of channels from which we will be able to choose.