How to see the statistics of Facebook Reels

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Facebook allows you to publish Reels, videos in vertical format edited with music and all kinds of effects, in the same way that you can publish them on Instagram.

Now you can access the Insights of the Reels that are published on Facebook

However, accessing the statistics of the Instagram Reels is much easier than on Facebook, since it is only necessary to have a professional Instagram account and go to the account settings and, there, to the “Insights” section. .

On Facebook it can cost a little more to get to the Reels statistics, so in this article we are going to explain how to access the Reels Insights on Facebook. Take note:

How to access Reel Insights on Facebook

To see the different metrics and control the performance of the content you upload to Facebook Reels you have to do the following:

-First of all, you have to access Facebook Creator Studio, the Facebook center where you can manage your professional account.

– Now go to the “Published” section, which is located in the left column. Click on “Reels” and select the one you want. clicking on “View”.

-You will be directed to the “Details” of the publication, and there, under the “Viewer Activity” section, you will be able to consult all the statistics of your Reel.

Access from professional mode for profiles

There is another way to access the statistics of your Reels on Facebook, and it is from the “professional mode for profiles”. This is what you have to do:

-Go to your profile and tap “Insighsts”. Then click on “All content” in the top navigation bar.

-Now, on the “Type of Content” screen, click on “Reels”. Tap the info icon above the Reel you want info on.

-A new screen will open where you can see all the statistics of your Reel.

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