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How to Edit Photos with Snapseed

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snapseed It is one of the best apps to edit photos on mobile. With it you can leave your captures ready to upload them to social networks with all kinds of attractive effects and touch-ups that will help to viralize your content.

Edit your photos before uploading them to social networks to improve the aesthetics of your accounts.

Beyond the fact that the mobile has a good camera, it is always possible to make touch-ups and editions that improve the final result of a capture. You can play with light, shadows, contrast effects and other elements of the photo. There are simple but very complete editing apps, such as Snapseed.

How Snapseed works

one of the great advantages of snapseed photo editor is that it includes a modality with predetermined designs. This mechanic is similar to that of network filters such as Instagram. Add a series of modifications and variants to the image of your choice, but based on preset configurations. To activate this function you have to select the Designs section in the lower area.

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However, with Snapseed you can also edit your photos manually. This is an option that fans of photography and those who are encouraged to retouch photos in manual mode will love, Snapseed is a great option. It offers access to multiple custom configuration tools, you can choose intensity levels for changes ranging from light to contrast or blur effect.

-Edit with the Selective tool: Enables Structure, Contrast, Brightness and Saturation tweaks.

-Expand: On smooth and uniform backgrounds, it allows you to enlarge the ends of the photo in a simple way.

-Blur: Allows you to select an area to focus attention on and blur the rest of the composition.

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-Brush: Edit things like light intensity, color temperature, or saturation.

-Multiple filters

The automatic editing through filters includes a large selection. Snapseed is a complete photo editor that makes your creations ready for the social network. The automatic filters that it allows to apply are:

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-HDR Landscapes.
-Not to go.
-Film grain.
-Glamorous shine.

Each choice changes visual elements to achieve a specific effect. With Snapseed you can leave your photos ready to be uploaded to Snapchat or other social networks quickly and directly, adding default settings. In addition, the app allows you to work with photos in RAW format. This way new effects and modifications are added to the raw file.

Tools for editing photos in Snapseed

There are multiple options within Snapseed to modify your screenshots. In this guide you will find the main function of each of them and what results can be obtained for your photography.

Image adjustment tool: by selecting it from the tool drawer you will be able to modify elements of the composition. From the brightness and warmth of the colors, to the contrast, saturation and shadows.

Cutting tool: In case the composition is not perfect when we capture it, it is possible to use the cutting tool to improve the focus. You can select Free cut, grid, 3:2 or any other custom cut. To make a correct cut it is necessary to accompany with the composition and the rules and advice of photography.

-Rotation Tool: Mostly used to straighten a photo permanently. If the horizon or some element look crooked, with a simple click of the mouse or the touch screen you can straighten each frame.

-White Balance Tool: This tool to edit photos in Snapseed is used to improve the composition through the brightness of the photo. Select the eyedropper icon and choose the area of ​​the photo you want to stabilize. I automatically knew how you were going to finish the edition.

advanced tools

-Vignette Tool: select this tool and you can highlight the most striking aspects of your photo. When activated, you will see a circle in the middle of the photo. That is the circle of the vine and it can be enlarged by sliding out the two fingers on the mobile screen. Swiping up displays the Outer Brightness and Inner Brightness modification options.

Healing Tool: From English, Healing means “healing, healing.” By using it to edit photos in Snapseed we can automatically remove the elements that bother the capture. Zoom in on the element you want to erase, select the Healing tool and mark the area to be repaired. The automated system will be in charge of filling this space with the background that you deem appropriate.

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