HBO releases the first trailer for ‘The House of the Dragon’, the prequel to ‘Game of Thrones’

houseofdragon 1000x600.jpg
houseofdragon 1000x600.jpg

HBO has presented the first trailer as such of The House of the Dragonthe new series based on the universe of Game of Thrones which will be released this year -not long, in fact- and which will compete with another long-awaited release such as The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

It is not a way of speaking that they will compete with each other: it is not only about two franchises with similar themes and an unequal media and cultural impact in their origin -Tolkien’s work is a classic of modern literature that Song of ice and fire will never manage to be-, but closer in its audiovisual adaptations; The House of the Dragon Y The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power They will compete on dates.

Thus, while the production of Amazon Studios has its release date on the platform set for next September 2, The House of the Dragon will do the same a little earlier and Starting August 21, it can already be seen on HBO Max (It seems that it will arrive in Spain the next day, since HBO is still anchored on the cable on the other side of the pond).

But let’s talk about The House of the Dragon which is what concerns us in this post. As has already been advanced and can be seen in the trailer, the series goes back a couple of hundred years to what was seen in Game of Thrones to recreate the late history of House Targaryen, “in the Dance with Dragons, a civil war that swept Westeros pitting the House of Targaryens between the supporters of Princess Rhaenyra and her half-brother Aegon.”

In the distribution of The House of the Dragon there is a bit of everything, but the most outstanding face would be that of Matt Smith, well known for his time as Doctor Who, or for his roles in other successful content such as The Crown, Last Night in Soho and a long list of films and series in which he has participated in recent years, both British and Hollywood blockbusters.

Without further ado, here goes the trailer for The House of the Dragon, that we will have plenty of time to talk at length about HBO’s new hope that, I think, will not be such. Well, a final message for HBO Spain: make the subtitles bigger, they can’t be seen (WTF?).

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