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Google launches a virtual braille keyboard for Android

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Google braille keyboard

The Braille keyboard can be used in text, email and messaging applications.

Google has announced the launch of Talkback, virtual braille keyboard for Android, that will allow visually impaired people to type on their phones without additional hardware.

This function of keyboard in braille divides the screen of the mobile device into six zones, Representing the six points that the Braille alphabet uses for numbers, letters or characters.

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By pressing different combinations, the Braille alphabet can be used in the way that people with eye conditions use.

This virtual braille keyboard can be used to write on social networks, text or messaging applications and email. This new upgrade It will be implemented for Android 5.0 and later devices.

The virtual braille keyboard can be activated from the device settings

The update will be available in the Play Store through Android Accessibility, which is activated by sliding three fingers on the screen of the devices. This keyboard does not differ much from the usual ones, since words, lines or text can be added or removed.

Similarly, the virtual braille keyboard can be removed with the same three fingers. If you want activate this function you must go to Settings>Accessibility>Talkback>Settings.

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From there the braille keyboard is selected and configured, to test it, you will only have to access any application that can use the keyboard, to configure the Talkback you can access the input method change from the notifications part.

To learn how to use it:

  • Tap point 1 for letter A
  • Point 1 and 2 for B
  • 1 and 4 for C
  • 1, 4 and 5 for D

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