Google launches new update for Android Auto, but without big news

Google launches new update for Android Auto, but without big news
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O Google released the latest version of Android Auto so that everyone can download. It is the variant 9.7 of the application that allows the smartphone to connect with the car and release a system for the user’s car. Something that stands out in this case is the fact that the application was updated without a beta.

In general, the application does not seem to have big news, but it is not known for sure what the implementations were, since the company does not disclose a list with the new attributes. In addition, the appearance of the system has not changed and continues with the same look. Including, the current appearance was presented at CES 2023.

The lack of a beta version to flag possible platform errors helps to think that Google has not brought great news to Android in a car version. So it’s possible that typical bug fixes were the focus of this new update.

Lately, users of the system have been complaining of problems while using the platform, such as random disconnections as well as freezing while driving. So it’s possible that Google has released an update with this situation in mind.

Those interested can now update through the Play Store. Just tap update on the app page or download the APK in its latest version. Finally, also check out the leaked benchmark on Tensor G3, Google’s new chipset for mobile devices.

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