Goat Simulator 3 gets a new insane and hilarious trailer

Goat Simulator 3 gets a new insane and hilarious trailer
goat simulator 3 gets a new insane and hilarious trailer.jpeg

Update (24/08/2022) – GS

Officially announced in June during Summer Game Fest, Goat Simulator 3 promises to be the craziest game of the year, further elevating the madness seen in its predecessor.

During the opening night of GamesCom, Coffee Stain Studios released a new trailer for the game and we can see that the team has spared no effort in taking goat insanity to the nth degree.

The new video highlights the possibility of playing with up to three friends, in local or cooperative matches. In addition, we can see that it will be possible to customize the goats with skins and various cosmetic items, including even costumes of other animals, such as rhinos, sharks, giraffes and much more.

The trailer also highlights different game modes, including mini-games, driving cars, playing soccer, and even “relaxing” in a yoga session before chaos ensues.

With a wide open world, the player will have a multitude of possibilities to have fun and this certainly seems to be a bombastic release.

Goat Simulator will be released for Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5 and PC (Epic Games Store) on the day November 17, 2022.

Original text – 06/10/2022

Goat Simulator 3 is announced with hilarious trailer that satirizes Dead Island 2

Last Thursday (09), Coffee Stain Studios took everyone by surprise by announcing the sequel to the hilarious Goat Simulator during the first day of Summer Game Fest.

Initially, the studio led everyone to believe that it was due to the long-awaited announcement of Dead Island 2, which despite being officially revealed in 2014, still does not have an official release date as of today. This was undoubtedly a spectacular marketing ploy.

From time to time, games appear that become legends or myths in the gaming industry, with many believing that they will not even be released. Dead Island 2 is certainly one of those cases.

With only a cinematic trailer revealed at E3 2014, fans are still waiting for the game’s release to this day, clinging to the hope created by the rumors and promises made by the studio.

While we still don’t know when the game will be released (if it ever will), the Coffee Stain Studios decided to recreate the trailer for Dead Island 2 to advertise Goat Simulator, and the result was hilarious.

Coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (Steam and Epic Games) in the last quarter of 2022, the game will highlight the cooperative mode for up to three people in online or offline mode, in addition to the iconic absurdity of the franchise.

So, did you like the trailer?

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