Goal and its roadmap for the launch of Virtual Reality devices


Mark Zuckerberg has ambitious plans when it comes to furthering the metaverse. Through his company, Meta Platforms, he intends to release up to four virtual reality headsets between now and 2014, according to a roadmap seen by The Information.

Of course, these are the plans that they currently have, and that they may suffer some setback due to external aspects. In this sense, the company planned to launch Project Cambria, a high-end virtual reality and mixed reality headset, for the past year, but the lack of electronic components and other setbacks caused by the pandemic has led to a delay in its launch.

Up to four VR helmets to launch in these two years

The new device is now expected to launch sometime next September., according to close sources. It is a device focused on the workplace that Zuckerberg’s company wants to put on the market as an alternative to desktop computers and laptops.

In addition to sending and receiving email and other regular office tasks, cameras can also be used for real-time streaming.

It is, as Reality Labs came to call it, a laptop for the face. Its price will be around $799, according to two close sources, although the price could be higher.

After the first device a second version is expected in 2024 and is currently codenamed Funstonentering a scenario where other technology companies have already brought their mixed reality devices to the market, as long as nothing gets in the way.

Meta is also working on lower priced Quest devices, counting as codenames Stinson and Cardiff, and which are scheduled for release in both 2023 and 2024, respectively.

There are less left so that we can begin to learn about the new virtual reality and mixed reality devices that the different technology companies have been developing over the years, and that could change many things in our lives as it did at the time smart mobile phones.

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Image Credit: Project Cambria YouTube Promo

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