Facebook exceeds 2.94 billion users

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Facebook has presented its results for the first fiscal quarter of the year. According to the data provided by Meta, the social network has slowed down the “bleeding” of users and is registering a rise again, after a fateful fourth quarter of 2021, the first in history in which it lost users.

The number of daily Facebook users rises to 1.96 billion

In this first quarter of 2022 Facebook has managed to exceed 2,940 million active users per month, adding 30 million more than it had in the previous one. In addition, the number of daily users of the social network also grows considerably, amounting to 1,960 million users.

By communicating these data, Facebook shares soared 19% on the stock market. In terms of revenue, Facebook cashed in 27.9 billion dollars during the first three months of the year, which represents a growth of 7% compared to the first fiscal quarter of 2021. It is still a figure well below the $30.6 billion in revenue that analysts had forecast.

In any case, and despite the disappointment in terms of income, Meta assures that it expects lower income in the coming months, lowering analysts’ forecasts, due to the War in Ukraine –Facebook and Instagram have been banned in Russia– and the The impact that the regulatory changes that the European Union is preparing could have, as well as those that Apple has already introduced and that directly affect the advertising business of Meta apps.

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In addition, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, also has made reference to the growth of TikTok during the communication of resultsand has highlighted that his company is making a considerable effort to promote the use of Reels, both on Instagram and Facebook – where they are already available this quarter – and thus try to stand up to the social network of Chinese origin with similar videos.